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What's OnInnkeeper's Hour at Joshua's Tavern

From 4-6pm, Tuesday - Friday throughout January and February
  • Dates 04/01/2022 - 04/01/2022
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Innkeeper's Hour at Joshua's Tavern The timeless tavern takes its name from former resident of Leicester Square, Sir Joshua Reynolds. First president of The Royal Academy of Arts and a leading painter of his time, Sir Joshua used to reside at what is now Fanum House on Leicester Square and was known to frequent the local public houses for a lively old time! The interiors of Joshua's Tavern takes inspiration from Sir Joshua Reynolds' artwork. Pay close attention to the tavern walls and you'll spot a striking mural which cheekily features an intoxicated Sir Joshua stretched across the tavern walls - a humorous touch and a playful look at the raucous past of Leicester Square.A new watering hole for like minded locals, creative communities and professionals around Leicester Square. Sir Joshua's Tavern is offering a pint or a house Gin & Tonic and popcorn, for £5! Grab your colleagues for an early afternoon sesh at the copper coloured tavern, take your ideation session to a new setting or set Joshua's as the place to meet a mate or date.Throughout January and now extended into Feb, scrap the Dry Jan and replace it with Dry Gin! From Tuesday to Friday between 4 - 6pm, park yourself up and enjoy Innkeeper's Hour!

Innkeeper's Hour: A pint or house Gin & Tonic & popcorn for £5

Tuesday to Friday | 4pm - 6pm January - February Joshua's Tavern

Terms & Conditions: Excludes service charge. Only available Tuesday to Friday 4pm - 6pm. No other drinks available.

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