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Find The Best Pancakes in London

Get ready to stack up some serious flavour and flip your taste buds into overdrive because we've created the ultimate guide to London's top pancake spots!

From classic fluffy pancakes to mouthwatering toppings, explore these highlighted destinations and indulge in London's best stacks.

Crepeaffaire at the Hippodrome

Bonjour pancake lovers! Indulge in the finest French crêpes at Crepeaffaire, located within the iconic Hippodrome in Leicester Square.

Step into a world of endless flavour possibilities as you explore their tantalising menu filled with delectable toppings and fillings.

From classic favourites to vegan delights, gluten-free options, and more, Crepeaffaire welcomes everyone to savour the magic of crêpes.

Stack & Still

Check out Stack & Still in Leicester Square for a unique pancake experience!

Create your own stack of pancakes, with nearly 12 million possible combinations. That's over 35,000 years' worth of daily pancakes!

But don't worry if you're feeling a little overwhelmed with all the choices, try their delicious signature dishes created by their chefs.

Head over to Stack & Still and get ready for a stack-tastic time.

Whether you create your own unique pancake stack or try one of their Signature dishes, you won't be disappointed!

Japan Centre

Celebrate Pancake Day with a twist this year by creating Japanese pancakes with ingredients from Japan Centre!

Okonomiyaki is a famous savoury pancake commonly served by street food vendors in Japan. Okonomiyaki which simply means “grilled to your liking” usually consists of an egg and flour batter, with shredded cabbage, slices of seafood or meat, and topped with katsuobushi fish flakes, mayonnaise and brown sauce.

Pick up all of the ingredients at Japan Centre and try this popular dish this Pancake Day!

The Avocado Show

Elevate your Pancake Day experience with a touch of green goodness at The Avocado Show.

Dive into their Sweet Stack featuring fluffy spirulina pancakes adorned with a scoop of creamy peanut butter avo ice cream, fresh avocado slices, raspberries, and a tantalising drizzle of vegan dulce de leche and maple syrup.

Or, if savoury is more your style, indulge in their Sinner Stack - a fluffy spirulina pancake stack served with a delightful combination of sliced avocado, banana, raspberries, and crispy bacon, all drizzled with maple syrup.

Join The Avocado Show for a green-filled feast!

Masala Zone

Discover Masala Zone at Piccadilly Circus, housed within the historic Criterion building. This glamorous spot offers a unique Indian grand brasserie experience, full of delightful flavours and vibrant colours.

For a unique twist on pancakes, head to Masala Zone and try their Breakfast Masala Dosa.

It's a mouthwatering South Indian classic – a crispy pancake crafted from overnight fermented stone-ground lentil and rice batter, filled with flavourful spiced potato, and served with curried lentils.

It's a tasty treat you won't want to miss!

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