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Sober Fun in London: Dry January

Feeling the aftermath of all the holiday booze and fizz ... it might be time for a little detox.

Check out our list of the best locations in London's West End to enjoy Dry January.

Explore J. Sheeky’s, an iconic seafood restaurant in Leicester Square for over 125 years.

This charming spot is adored by theatregoers, cast members, audiences, and friends alike.

The exterior is decorated in a striking ruby red, step inside to discover a bustling crustacean bar at the heart and walls adorned with framed portraits of famous faces.

Unwind at the cosy bar and treat yourself to a mouth-watering selection of non-alcoholic mocktails available until the end of January.

In collaboration with Seedlip, try the Garden Cooler—a blend of Seedlip Garden 108, honey, dill, lemon-thyme sherbet, and ginger ale. Alternatively, indulge in the Marshmallow Sour featuring Seedlip Grove 42, pear puree, orgeat syrup, lemon juice, and toasted marshmallow syrup.

Enjoy a Dry January celebration full of good taste at Farzi and treat yourself to a burst of vibrant flavours!

Dive into a world of colourful mocktails and non-alcoholic delights. From a refreshing Mango Solero to a delightful Chai Lychee, and a flavorful Berry Crush.

Nestled in the lively Haymarket, Farzi seamlessly combines tradition and modernity. Their menu features expertly spiced curries and creative presentations, providing a unique culinary experience.

Proudly presenting the diverse flavours of Undivided India, Farzi invites you on a delectable journey through the heritage of the northern region, spanning present-day Pakistan, Afghanistan, and northern Indian states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab, Rajasthan, Jammu, and Kashmir.

Starting 2024 on a healthy note? Embrace Dry January with Steak and Company.

Indulge in non-alcoholic beverages, ranging from Mai Tai's to Martini's to refreshing options such as Aperol Spritz and Sparkling wines.

Whether you're dedicating the month to an alcohol-free lifestyle or sharing a meal with a friend who's loyal to their favourite malbec, Steak and Company caters to all palates.

At Steak and Company, quality is their pride. They're committed to sourcing top-notch ingredients straight from the farm to your plate, offering high-quality cuts and handpicked wines. Located in central London, they provide exceptional service, making it the perfect spot for an exciting meal of the day.

Visit Steak and Company in London's West End, walk-ins are available at Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus.

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