Discover Leicester Square


Cineworld Leicester Square has long been a home for the biggest movie premieres and eye-widening technical innovation.

Originally built in the 1800s as the Empire Theatre, Cineworld Leicester Square is the UK’s oldest commercial cinema and home of the stars. Located in the heart of Central London, our 23 to 76 seat screens are perfect for smaller gatherings, whilst our premium 375-seat Superscreen or giant 721-seat IMAX are great for large scale events. Ask about our state-of-the-art digital branding options and stun your event attendees.

Opening Hours:

Mon: 11:30 - 9

Tues - Wed: 8:30 - 9

Fri: 10 - 10:30

Sat: 9:30 - 10:30

Sun: 9:30 - 9

Newton to Shakespeare

Covent Garden to Leicester Square

Throughout the 17th century, Leicester Square was a notorious duelling location. Famous duels are said to have occurred here, including one between a Captain French and Captain Coote.

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