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Gielgud Theatre

Since 1906, the Gielgud Theatre has been home to many traditional and modern classics.

Known originally as the Hicks Theatre, the 986 seater opened with a production of The Beauty Of Bath in 1906, a play co-written by Seymour Hicks. In 1909, its name was changed to the Globe, before being renamed as the Gielgud in 1994, to distinguish itself from the newly opened Shakespeare’s Globe and as a homage to Sir John. John Gielgud made his first of 15 appearances at the theatre in 1928.

Gielgud Theatre
Gielgud theatre 2022 small
Red Square

Newton to Shakespeare

Leicester square has been home to a number of historical figures. Statues of William Hogarth, Sir Joshua Reynolds, John Hunter and Sir Isaac Newton have all featured in the gardens, which at the centre, permanently showcases William Shakespeare.

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