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TGI Fridays

Fridays are bringing back that Fridays Feeling! The first TGI Fridays opened in New York in 1965 with flowing cocktails, charismatic bartenders with every night feeling like a Friday night; it quickly became the meeting place for local lovers of wild nights & fun times.They are making Fridays famous again & proudly celebrating their heritage with simple food & quality ingredients, vibrant new cocktails & consistently brilliant service. The team at Leicester Square are looking forward to welcoming you, where you can socialise, have fun & make memories. Whether you’re in the mood for a timeless Negroni, a playful Aperol Spritz, or an indulgent Espresso Martini, they have something for every occasion.Book a table with via the website. Plus download the Fridays Rewards App to get a Free Dessert on your first visit. Search TGI Fridays UK on the App store or Google Play.
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Newton to Shakespeare

Red Square

Leicester square has been home to a number of historical figures. Statues of William Hogarth, Sir Joshua Reynolds, John Hunter and Sir Isaac Newton have all featured in the gardens, which at the centre, permanently showcases William Shakespeare.

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