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Half-English, half-Scottish comedian, podcaster and content creator Ali Woods is set to take to the stage for Live at Leicester Square Theatre. If you're a comedy fan, it's highly likely Ali Woods has made an appearance on your social feeds. A brand of comedian that is a self-described blend of the ‘every man’ and the ‘modern man’ he touches on topics such as the environment, football and other social causes close to his heart.

Posted: 05.07.24

We caught up with Ali Woods ahead of his show at Leicester Square Theatre to talk through his journey into comedy and the next upcoming class act.

So, Ali what initially drew you to comedy?

I’ve got my Dad to blame for that one. He showed me all sorts of comedies when I was growing up, and I knew that’s what I wanted to do.

Did you always have a funny bone?

I still sometimes question if I have a funny bone! But wanting to make people laugh is always my priority, whenever I’m in a room of people. Pathetic!

Not pathetic at all... seems like you're pretty darn good at it! What did your journey into comedy look like?

I started doing improv comedy at uni because I wanted to retain my virginity. Did my first stand-up gig there cause I wanted to do something I was proud of.

Eventually I started doing open mic comedy when I moved back to London cause I hated my job.

And never looked back!

Sounds both terrifying and exhilarating! major kudos to you! Is there a class act that you’d love to be in the audience for?

At the moment I think Nate Bargatze or Deon Cole would be the first couple on my list.

Ooh, we'll keep an eye out for them. How did you get involved in Live at Leicester Square Theatre?

I sold out my own show there this year, and let me tell you, that gets the venue’s attention!

Thanks for speaking to us Ali! How can people find out more about you?

Follow me on any social media @aliwoodsgigs, I post regular sketches and stand-up clips. And check out my website for all my live shows!

Ali Woods will be performing at Live At Leicester Square on Tuesday 30 May alongside top comedic talent including voice of Love Island- Iain Stirling, Fern Brady, Matt Rees (This Country) and MC Chloe Petts (co-founder of the LOL Word).

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