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Discover: Comedian and MC Vix Leyton

Discovered by Mark Watson on Twitter in 2019, Welsh comic exiled to London, Vix Leyton is a natural storyteller with a keen eye for observation, combining warm, whimsical charm, as well as a PR hustler. You’ve maybe heard of her, you just might not know how...

Posted: 18.04.24

Vix Leyton's panel show podcast 'The Comedy Arcade', that started on her kitchen table, is both an audio success and compelling live show, picking up a nomination for Leicester Comedy's best podcast in 2021 and racking up sell out shows at Edinburgh Fringe last year. She also co-hosts the ‘False Economy’ podcast, which fuses her dual interests of personal finance and comedy. She’s a regular MC for pro nights including Red Imp Comedy, Poodle Club and Outside the Box. She is also the promoter of the infamous church gig ‘Have I got pews for you’ and regular legal prosecutor for ‘This is your trial’.

We caught up with Vix to talk Cracking Comedy and her favourite Leicester Square haunts.

  • So, Vix how exactly did you get into comedy?

I did a course on stand up to get over a fear of public speaking so I could help correct gender imbalanced panels at conferences for my day job. It got a little out of hand when Mark Watson saw me tweet about having a hankering to start in open mic and invited me to be part of his infamous 24 hour Marathon shows to get over it once and for all.

  • Amazing! That's certainly one way to get over a fear! For those looking to explore your work more, how would you describe your style of comedy?

Storytelling and observational. It’s my dream to have a bit of material that people will see me do and say in six months time ‘Oh my god, that’s what that comedian said!’ My mum features heavily; she’s always ringing me saying “you’ll use this for your comedy!” and annoyingly she is often right!

  • What made you want to be part of Cracking Comedy at Leicester Square Theatre?

This is my third time hosting it and it is always the highlight of my calendar. Every single person I have worked with at Women & Children First is really passionate about what they do and that extends to the quality of the night they want to put on for supporters. They are also comedy fans, and not only book the big names but also give opportunities to smaller acts that you may not have heard of yet but will. It makes for a brilliant one of a kind night you won’t find anywhere else!

  • This year is going to be an absolute corker, the Cracking Comedy line-up is so eclectic. What’s your favourite Leicester Square hidden gem? Where would you suggest to go before or after the show?

Cork and Bottle is a brilliant little bar - you go through an unassuming little door and then feel like you’ve gone through a portal to a late night on a sunny holiday, wine selection is amazing and the food is great. Also for anyone who sings into their hairbrush, Overtures at the Hippodrome Casino is the best night out in town; a pianist plays show tunes and everyone stands around the piano and belts out the songs. No obligation to participate, the pianist takes requests, the talent is usually incredible and it’s way more fun than karaoke.

  • Love those suggestions! Thanks Vix! How can people find out more about you?

All my socials are @VixLeyton, and both Comedy Arcade and False Economy podcasts are available where all good and bad podcasts are found!

You can catch Vix at Leicester Square Theatre on Monday 22 May as the MC for Cracking Comedy in aid of Women and Children First. There's still time to book yourself a ticket and you can now get £5 off with Discover LSQ - click here to find out more!

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