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Lois O'Hara, multi-disciplinary artist talks to us about her latest collaboration with the W London, a piece that combines art and taste

Posted: 17.04.24

We caught up with Lois O'Hara, a multi-disciplinary artist from Brighton. Known for creating work that is designed to put people back in a state of flow in a world of distractions. Full of colour, patterns and visual narratives, Lois brings a slice of her work to Leicester Square.

What was your journey to becoming an artist?

I started out screen printing in the early days and that’s where I picked up on the art of abstract story telling and putting my emotions into my work. I then had the thought “Wow wouldn’t these prints be great if they were gigantic and accessible so that people could walk around them” - That’s when I started painting large walls! The surface just got larger and larger ie. basketball courts etc!

You’re a multi-disciplinary artist – what are the different mediums you’ve worked in?

My work covers all areas and I have designed everything from afternoon tea’s to basketball courts, from murals to water bottles! I think colour is such a powerful thing and it brings so much joy, when it is used in a clever way it can bring products and spaces to life. I work digitally and by hand so I’m constantly switching between getting messy with paint and keeping up a neat office vibe!

Tell us about your collaboration with the W London.

It all began with me contacting W London to do a 3D mural but then the Afternoon Tea concept developed with the cake stand being the main element (also 3D). The cake stand is curved and I wanted to design something like this which has never been seen before. I also worked with Pastry Chef Leyre to design unique pastries which are inspired by my work. Alongside these, I designed the cake box, a mural, menu’s and a cocktail! It really pushed my work into a new direction and I learnt so much.

Working with food must have been a delicious new challenge – how did you find the leap?

Food really is art. I found it very impressive that Leyre studied my creative practice and came up with 5 unique pastries, all in different flavours - the flavours were matched with some of my signature colours and each pastry had a positive message

The concept of Afternoon Tea is synonymous with London – what made you take this quintessentially London concept and give it a new twist?

I wanted it to be like the Mad Hatter’s tea party but high end and inspired by positivity, merging everything together to match my life as a creative! I also felt like having it in W London was perfect as their slogan is “Being normal gets you nowhere” so it really was quite a fitting collaboration.

Your work has been featured in W London in Leicester Square, what drew you to work with them?

Because they seek to do things a little differently, which is how I roll being an artist!

How can people enjoy your work in Leicester Square?

Head to the W London's website and Instagram to book and find out more!

What have you got coming up next? / How can people find out more about you and your work?

You can visit my website to see what's coming up next.

You can experience Afternoon Tea with Lois O'Hara at the W London's Perception Bar available to enjoy everyday from 1-5pm.

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