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Pride in London: New Flags Unveiled

In a colourful collaboration, Art of London and the Royal Academy of Arts have unveiled 25 new flags along Piccadilly.

Posted: 11.06.24
Adham Faramawy Rainbow Flags 3

These vibrant flags are reimagined versions of the iconic LGBTQ+ pride flags by artist Adham Faramawy.

Called 'Rainbow Flags,' this artwork celebrates the diversity of LGBTQ+ identities with a blend of mesmerising colours. Faramawy, an esteemed RA Schools graduate, designed these flags based on an original piece from their student days, using vivid colours and gentle contours to foster inclusivity.

Unveiled just in time for Pride and on display until 1st September, this installation highlights the exceptional creativity from the RA Schools. As thousands march down Piccadilly for Pride on 29th June, these flags will grace the skyline, encouraging unity and celebrating diversity.

Founded in 1769, the RA Schools is the UK's oldest fine art school, known for its free and independent programs, admitting artists purely on merit. Recent renovations have provided state-of-the-art facilities for the next generation of artists, while preserving the rich heritage of the historic buildings.

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