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What's OnBuddha's Birthday Celebration

  • Dates 12/05/2018 - 12/05/2018
  • Location Leicester Square
  • Price Free
The annual community event to celebrate the Buddha’s birthday is taking place in Leicester Square on Saturday 12th May. A small statue of Buddha will be placed in the middle of one of the grass areas in the London's most famous square. Visitors to the square are invited to make offerings and bathe the Buddha.The event will begin with an official unveiling of the Buddha, followed by a parade with some people in costume. Small, short, non amplified performances will take place throughout the afternoon, providing you some entertainment so you can enjoy your Saturday in the sunshine.The Lord Mayor is due to attend the event and Mayoral Car will be arriving at approximately 12:20pm.Find out more.
Covent Garden to Leicester Square

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In 1849, whilst in London, Karl Marx lived in the German Hotel, which is now Leicester House.

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