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What's OnEscape the Glastonbury blues at The Londoner

Discover a haven of post-festival tranquillity and rejuvenation at The Londoner.

For those who experienced the high of attending Glastonbury, getting back to reality can feel like a bit of a crash, but from 1 to 7 July, The Londoner have put together an exclusive antidote, the 'Cure The Glastonbury Blues' room package.

This blue–curing special offer includes a 15% discount on a one-night stay for two, complete with breakfast and complimentary access to The Londoner’s underground wellness sanctuary, The Retreat. Unwind with options such as IV hydration treatments and massages.

Recover from festival nights with leisurely poolside lounging, a cutting-edge gym, and nourishing superfoods and smoothies at Refuel.

For ultimate relaxation, Glasto-goers can indulge in-room pampering like the soothing 'Let Loose' massage or the refreshing 'Walking on Sunshine' leg and foot treatment. Plus, Drip Hydration UK offers convenient IV treatments in-room, such as 'The Jetsetter' to reset the body clock or 'The Afterparty' for detoxification.

Book this exclusive opportunity to unwind and revitalise after Glastonbury only at the world’s first super boutique hotel, The Londoner.

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