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Ali Woods 0306 photo by steve ullathorne

Discover: Ali Woods

Posted: 25.05.23 |

Half-English, half-Scottish comedian, podcaster and content creator Ali Woods is set to take to the stage for Live at Leicester Square Theatre. If you're a comedy fan, it's highly likely Ali Woods has made an appearance on your social feeds. A brand of comedian that is a self-described blend of the ‘every man’ and the ‘modern man’ he touches on topics such as the environment, football and other social causes close to his heart.

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Vix Leyton Comedian

Discover: Comedian and MC Vix Leyton

Posted: 19.05.23 |

Discovered by Mark Watson on Twitter in 2019, Welsh comic exiled to London, Vix Leyton is a natural storyteller with a keen eye for observation, combining warm, whimsical charm, as well as a PR hustler. You’ve maybe heard of her, you just might not know how...

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